Hello! I am Roger. Besides developing and growing in the health industry I am also starting my home businesses as to diversify our income streams. My interests are travel, music, and photogrophy. Currently I am putting most of my efforts into growing a photography business.


email roger {at} gmail.com
phone/text (561) 247-3079



I am currently growing my photography business in the Palm Beach County, FL area. If interested, don't hesitate to contact me. I am always excited to start new creative projects. Click here to visit my photography business site.


My friend Jeff gave me 'Rock Band' for a gift. After playing this video game for a few days and realizing how much time and practice I would need to devote to this game in order to become good at it, I realized that I should really just pick up one of my wife's guitars and start playing guitar for real. Shortly after that I purchased a Washburn electric guitar and absolutely LOVE it. I play electric guitar and have a home studio that I record in. I hope to have some examples up here one day soon. Until then enjoy the picture.